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Popstars Laser Projector : Popstars Is The New Device For Decorative Lighting

Laser projector that all at once emits thousands of colored light points onto your house facade!

Christmas, birthday, other celebrations ... You want to decorate your house facade quickly and easily?
Discover a new way to decorate your house with popstars! Forget the many garlands and other light decorations that take up too much space. Popstars is the new device for decorative lighting.

Let your house light up!

Popstars transforms monotonous and boring facades into fairytale landscapes. Thanks to the ingenious system, it projects thousands of small, red and green points of light onto your facade that will delight your friends and family at the next party.

Thanks to its laser point technology, which makes it possible to project holographic stars onto all possible surfaces, every experience becomes a real explosion of lights!
The popstars play of light never loses its luminosity and sharpness, no matter how far it is from the facade and how big your house is.

Easy and weatherproof installation

Popstars can be operated in both fixed and movable mode. Depending on your mood, switch on the movement mode and thousands of points of light begin to mobilize! Gone are the days of creating and untangling countless garlands.

All you have to do is set up popstars in your garden. Its generous ground spike makes it easier to plant it in the ground and you can turn and adjust the head of the projector as you wish. Or simply attach the ground spike to the base to install popstars on your terrace.<br>practically! Popstars can be used not only outside, but also inside

Tidying up made easy

Just turn it off and unplug it! However you want to set it up, nothing is easier: just detach it!

Useful for all occasions

Ideal for christmas and new year's eve, but also for all other occasions with friends and family. Exceed all expectations with a wonderfully lit home.

His strengths

  • Popstars puts an end to lightbulbs or lamps that don't work. All of a sudden it illuminates your house perfectly with thousands of points of light without leaving a shadow.
  • The popstars laser projector covers an area of more than 60m. From near and far and regardless of the shape and size of your home, the lighting in your home will always remain flawless.

  • Both for christmas and for other annual festive events, the projector is used to illuminate your house facade.
  • Popstars can be used in either fixed or movable mode; it can be used both outside and inside.
  • Compatible 110v and 220v

Package include

  • 1 x Popstars Laser Projector

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