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Multifunctional Baby Diaper Bag With Bed : Waterproof Exterior

Breathable design and can also be hung with the stroller

How about a waterproof baby bag that offers everything your baby needs and is integrated into a bed compartment? This diaper bag includes pockets and compartments for everything, feeders, sheets, tissues, cell phones, wallets and diapers. In addition, it has a breathable design and can also be hung with the stroller.

Outer and inner pockets

Put essentials in smartly designed pockets. External side pockets can hold your bottles and towels, while inner feeders can hold tissue paper, wallets and makeup accessories. Dedicated side pockets for tissue paper, so wiping on the go isn't a problem.

Internal waterproof pockets

Stash wet items like towels in the waterproof inner pockets. Put your power banks in the diaper bag bed and charge your smart devices on the go. Easily hang the bag with the stroller thanks to the stroller straps.

Integrated bed

When the baby needs to relax, open the sunshade cloth bed with a canopy to protect him from the sun. Mattress is also included. A unique baby diaper bag with a bed. Take care of the bag outside in showers without worrying about wetting the contents inside.

Package include

  • 1 x Multifunctional Baby Diaper Bag With Bed

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Very very nice bag. Super versatile with the foldable bed in the back and is a very good size, much longer than I had expected.


My mom loved it! We were looking for a diaper bag that was durable yet didn't just use up space for simple things. We were about to buy one similar to this one but then we saw that this one had a cover over where you change the baby.


This diaper bag is functional and well made, the fabric durable and easy to clean. There is a good amount of space for all of babies items plus extra. I love the little pacifier storage case, makes it easy to find.


I just got my bag and love it. Have been looking at similar products and loved the fact that this has the shade with mosquito net! The net does not velcro so there is a small chance of a mosquito still getting through but this is a wonderful feature to have and the added protection is huge in my opinion. Would recommend!


This bag is amazing!!! I love that it has a pop out crib with a shade/cover. It packs back down very easily. Its perfect for long or short trips.