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Extendable Table Tennis Net : Roll It Up Again And Store It Easily

Fancy a game of table tennis but don't feel like such a large table at home?

Or practice before you can run around the table tennis table again at the campsite? You can turn your kitchen table or garden table into a table tennis table in no time with this handy extendable net!

The net extends to a width of 170 cm, more than enough for a dining table or garden table! And it easily clamps itself to tables up to 5cm thick. So where are you going to play a game of ping pong in the coming days? And when you're done, take it off the table, roll it up again and store it easily.

Highlights & Specifications

  • Extendable table tennis net
  • Universal, for tables up to 5cm thick
  • Extendable up to 170cm wide
  • Easy in use
  • High Quality
  • Rewinds itself after use

Package include

  • 1 x Extendable Table Tennis Net

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Some people complain about the posts being too big, which might be fair but otherwise it's a great product. Easy to set up, doesn't elevate and has a sturdy net and sweet color scheme. Bought two because one wasn't enough.


Amazing value for the money. I was always wondering if something like this existed to turn any table into a ping pong table but obviously didn't want to damage or screw anything into my dining table.


In our home, attraction to various activities come and go. For a few months we get into card playing, then bike riding and at another time we're into board games. Trends come and go and often come back again around here.This portable adjustable ping pong net is perfect for us because if we stop playing ping pong for a while, we can fold it up and put it away.


Turns any table into ping pong, but note that the table needs to have a lip for this to effectively attach to it. Most tables do except per haps the kind that are boards that lay on top of something like a pool table. Otherwise, very neat and easy to use!


Worked, even with our oddly sized table edge. (paddles sold separately) Easy to set up, tucks away for future use. Hubs and I had some real small spaced fun. No regrets.